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02 June 2012

First Carved Spider Begins...

I drew out the basic shape for the "front part" of what will become the first carved spider, and traced it onto a block of basswood last night. This afternoon, I cut the shape out with the bandsaw, and now it's ready for the actual carving. This is bigger than I originally planned it to be, so the finished spider will be larger, as well. I do plan to make some spiders using exitic woods, and I'll leave them ufinished so that the wood-grain will show. But, given that the basswood isn't terribly interesting to look at, this one will be primed and painted (probably using airbrushed acrylics!) I have no idea how long this is going to take, as I have several other projects that need to get done (including building several frames for one customer, and building a couple wooden displays for a local shoe store) as well-- --but this is a start!

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