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13 May 2012

Down Time

The May show came down last Wednesday. It feels good to have my paintings back home and safe; the spece where I had exhibited since April is coming under new ownership, and I was not sure if the space would remain secure during the transition. Anyway, the artist who invited me to exhibit in this show would like to exhibit again right away, but I'm really not feeling it. I am looking forward focusing for a few months on several new paintings and carvings without the pressure of a looming deadline. I have two paintings under way, and they are somewhat larger and more complex than most of my other recent pieces. Several artists I know are going in "the other direction"; because things are tough right now, they feel that it is more prudent to concentrate on smaller paintings--which, for them, seem to sell well. For me, though, while I have sold some of the small spiders, they haven't sold any better than some of my medium-sized pieces, either. I think it's a good idea to create pieces in a variety of prices, so nearly evebryone can afford to buy something. Some artists offer prints; I have the small spider pieces priced just over $100.00. So, if I'm not selling tons of paintings in any case, I can't see it much difference whether I am not selling three thousand dollar paintings, or not selling thee hundred dollar paintings. So, there will be some new paintings, but it may be a little while. Please don't go away...

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