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26 March 2012

Lost in the Clouds

8 x 12 inches, oils and airbrushed acrylics on GessoBord, 2012.

This new painting made it into the March "openeing" (which turned out to be a "closing", actually!) at APEX. It's a bit of an "in-between" size--larger than 5x5 (most of my "smaller" spiders are 3x3, 4x4...up to 6x6) and not as large as most of the "major" spider pieces ("White Widow" is 24 x 36, for example) this didn't seem to attract as much attention as I'd hoped.

I think it's a good painting, and it will be in the next show, which opens April 6th, at the ArtScape group show, inside Performance Furniture, 222 W. 29th Street, in Kansas City, Missouri.

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