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15 February 2012

I've never been prolific, but...

...that may be changing!

This is the first layer of oil paints on a new painting, a continuation of the "theme" of the "lace-web spinning" spiders. (The first layer of paint applied was the blue of the sky, painted using airbrushed acrylics.)

The spider is going to be shown "ballooning", something spiders actually do (but mostly when they're newly hatched). To leave their nest (and get away from hundreds of hungry siblings) spiderlings let out a strand of silk that catches the wind, and they're off. Spiders have been carried thousdands of feet into the air, and may travel for hundreds of miles before landing...

I've actually completed three paintings so far in 2012, and this will be the fourth. I hope to have two more pieces done before the March 2nd opening of my (ongoing) show at APEX.

And it's only February.

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