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10 March 2011

hang on tight...

Here's the progress on the "Elegant Spider" (working title) painting.

12x16 inches, oils and airbrushed scrylics on GessoBord.

April First is getting closer!

I met with the owners of the gallery, and the curator, last Monday night. We measured the space. Fortunately (given that I'm not going to have a ton of work on exhibit) it's not a huge place, and I should have enough pieces so that the main display wall doesn't look too crowded, or (worse) empty.

I have several things to take care of tomorrow. They're probably going to take most of the day; I'm not expecting to get much done in the studio. But, Saturday and Sunday will be heavy studio days (they've gotta be!), and I hope to finish at least two paintings this weekend, and get two more much further along.

And, I started a new sculpture tonight!

(25 June 2001 edit: the sculpture referred to, above, has been destroyed. It was in Sculpey, and I plan to sculpt only in porcelain from now on.)

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