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08 November 2010

Nearly ready to begin...

So far, November is proceeding rather well. I picked up the check this morning for the airbrush work I did last weekend, and most of my errand-running is now done for the day. I'm hoping to work on the sculpture, a drawing of my girlfriend's kids (that I've promised her for Chanukah this year (I began the drawing on the first day of Chanukah last year!) and do the final sanding on the 36x48 inch panel I've spent the past week preparing (a process I described in my previous entry) today.

I'm planning a detailed seies of posts about the painting I'm planning for that panel, which will be also be posted as a "Work In Progress" thread in the oil painting forum at I'm going to cover every step of the painting process, and also highlight the thinking that goes into the painting: conceptually, as well as technically.

This will be my first "major" painting since graduation, and I'm really going to push myself with this painting. I'm going to try to have it done in time to show at the group show in February, but it must be finished in time for my solo show in April (along with several other pieces--including at least one other "major" painting--which I will also post here, as well.)

Anyway, enough about what I'm going to do.

Lots of cool stuff coming soon.

Thanks for reading!

(The picture is Sun Spider, a work-in-progress, 3x3 inches, oil on panel.)

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